New cover coming & *maybe* a TV series

ICYMI: My vampire novel, Fiona’s Guardians, is coming out in a hardback edition this October. It will include new chapters and new cover art. The artwork for the 2020 paperback and e-book editions was designed by my publisher, Richard Mayers. At the time Mayers went for a 1980s vibe which was peaking around the debut of the hit TV series, Stranger Things.

Original cover

The new cover, designed by an artist hired by Mayers, will make it abundantly clear that my main vampire character, Fiona, is a brunette. I’ll share the name of the artist when I do the cover reveal later this summer.

As for the new chapters, one is the origin story for Fiona’s “sire,” Agripina. The other picks up where the novel left off with Daniel now working for Camilla, Fiona’s beautiful and mercurial progeny.

The coming release of the hardbound edition follows excellent reviews by The Chicago Writers Association and The Dark Sire magazine, plus numerous interviews and bookstore events. It also coincides with my ramped-up efforts to get film and TV studios to adapt my novel. A recent article shares news that at least one TV producer is eyeing Fiona’s Guardians for a possible series. Honestly, I can’t predict what will happen but remain encouraged after a professional acting company adapted my novel for their podcast.

My takeaway from all the above: Success breeds success. If you have strong feelings about a film or TV version of Fiona’s Guardians, I encourage you to make as much noise as possible on social media, in book clubs, etc. And I’d love to hear your recommendations for who should be cast as Fiona, Daniel, Wolf, and the other characters. None of my novel’s previous achievements would’ve been possible without your support. So many thanks for your continued love for my book. I look forward to sharing more news with you very soon.

All my best,

Dan Klefstad



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Dan Klefstad

Dan Klefstad

Dan Klefstad is a longtime radio host and newscaster at NPR station WNIJ. His latest novel, Fiona’s Guardians, is about humans who work for a vampire.