Fiona the vampire to hunt in Rockford this October

Dan Klefstad
3 min readSep 19, 2022

Rockford, Illinois, is getting renewed attention, thanks to the streaming series A League of their Own which depicts the 1940s baseball team, the Rockford Peaches. Fiona once told me she dined on a few of the original team members, claiming they were delicious in ways she didn’t expect:

“All had hints of coal tar, mercury, and PCBs which gave a kind of funky spice to their blood.”

When I replied these chemicals were part of the city’s industrial heritage, she grew bored, pondering her long nails. “I’m going out.” A second later, she disappeared leaving the scent of jasmine in the air.

Eight decades after moving on to less toxic hunting grounds, Fiona will return to a much-cleaner Rockford in October, prowling for new readers.

Rockford, Illinois

While she’s out and about, I, Fiona’s creator, will appear at three Rockford events leading up to Halloween. Each will have something to do with Fiona’s Guardians, my latest novel, and I’ll bring copies to autograph. Now I love symmetry, so if you show up at one of these events dressed as Fiona wearing a Rockford peaches cap, I’ll be tempted to give you a free autographed copy of the paperback. “Tempted” is a hedge in case supplies get low, but I’ll admit I always bow to someone who has the crowd on their side.

The first event is at Katie’s Cup (502 7th St.) where I’ll read an excerpt from the novel and sign copies while enjoying a freshly-brewed cappuccino. Look for me Friday, Oct. 7.

Next up is a local authors fair at Heritage Museum Park (1129 S. Main St.). Here I’ll give a presentation on book marketing, something many authors tell me they struggle with. I’ll share promo ideas I developed during my campaign for Fiona’s Guardians. My presentation starts at 11am. The date: Saturday, Oct. 8.

My final event is just before Halloween at Maze Books (117 S. 3rd St.) where I’ll join local horror author Gary Hill, plus MK Davis and Dave Pedersen. Costumes are encouraged at this party which will include readings from each author. Join us Friday, Oct. 28.

I hope you’ll catch me at one of the above. And if you walk alone at night and hear the rustle of a cloak and catch a whiff of jasmine, just say out loud that you’re reading Fiona’s Guardians and love the main character.

That should be all the protection you need.



Dan Klefstad

Dan Klefstad is the author of Fiona’s Guardians, a novel about humans who work for a vampire. He now writes in Louisville.